Hillman City Here We Come!

Hillman City sign

Hillman City sign

As part of Rainier Avenue Church’s community development team focused on Hillman City in South Seattle, we’re challenging our congregation to get out in the neighborhood to participate in the work with us.

Food is always a fabulous place to start. So our January challenge has begun there: eat at one of the local establishments. Now these are not restaurant chains like Pizza Hut or Olive Garden. Nor do they have the ritzy vibe of an oceanfront seafood lounge or the cool ambiance of a hipster cafe. Instead, these are mom and pop establishments primarily staffed by people originally from the countries that their culinary wares represent. Some have bars on their windows. Others (like the taco truck) have a tin shed for the dining room (but, hey, those tacos sure are tasty!).

Inside Juba Cafe

Inside Juba Cafe

Today we revealed the challenge and backed it up with a sampler table of local delicacies. Among other things, our refreshments consisted of Somalian samosas,  Filipino spring rolls, Mediterranean baklava  and a  taco truck burrito downed with delicious chai tea…all purchased within a few walking blocks away from the church.

Filipino food from Kawali Grill

Filipino food from Kawali Grill

Next week we set foot on Hillman City and take groups to explore the world of cuisine inside these uniquely beautiful eateries. And this is only the beginning. Hillman City here we come!

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