Dream Speech

I Have  a Dream Speech

I wrote this piece over a decade ago as poetry for a creative writing class. Last night I performed it as a spoken word for an arts fest a friend of mine hosted. When the speaker talks about joining hands and singing, I played the tune on my harmonica and everyone present joined hands and sang together.

August 28, 1963. I go wi Roslyn and thousands mo

to the capitol

it be az hot dere az my home in Georgia

Nobody seems ta mind, though, ‘cuz weze here fo a reason.

Crowds cum, blacks peppered wi white

like cotton sprouten’ in de fields

hefty faces, brittle agin’ de sorghum brown dirt

Weze hear de young, Baptist minister

Talk ’bout howz ones day

weze all gonna live

happy and nobodyz gonna look down

at nobody elze, cuz weze be family

Den he says weze a gonna join hands

an’ sing;sing de ol’ negro tune “Free at Last”

an’ I’ze seez dis lil yungun’ waggen’ dat Mammy’s sign

she’z no bigger dan a jackrabbit

probly can’t read no write

no idea wize shez here, but I knowze–

weze here fo de likes o dat yungun’

an’ lotz mo whoze feet ain’t touched dis shor

but wen daze do, daze a gonna live free like de rest o deir peers.

Yea, “Thank God Almighty, free at last!”

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