New Year’s Habit

It is not enough to be busy, (the ants are busy)

we must ask: What are we busy about? ~Henry David Thoreau

Writing Habit

About this time every year I make a resolution to write more blog posts that will eventually lead to writing a book. And live the rest of the year under the guilt of not living up to that goal.

So this year I decided to revise it. I would combine my goal around community development/social action with the goal of keeping a blog. I would aim to write a piece every week on a community event I participated in or issue I was thinking, talking, watching and reading about. Then a conversation with another writer combined with a piece I read designed to motivate creative people pushed it up another notch: write every day. It doesn’t matter if I write only a paragraph, if I write for work, as a volunteer, in my journal or on this blog, but I will aim to write something every day until it becomes a HABIT.

And as I begin to write again, I rediscover an identity that had been dormant. The more I write, the more the words flow. The poet in me gets another chance to emerge and fresh ideas flow from my being.

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