How I Met My Housemate


Me, Gracie & Annalise

God has continually provided housing, and housemates, for me in astounding ways. This particular story began on the continent of Asia and resulted in my most long-term housemate in Seattle. I dedicate this post to her, a woman of great strength and character, who has survived living with me for five years in three different homes of South Seattle. So grateful for the chapters of life we have shared and looking forward to the ones ahead as she marries and relocates to begin a new chapter in a new place. 

Our story actually started in 2010 when I did fieldwork for my graduate program in Kolkota, India. While there, I stayed with a local host family who were leaders in the social enterprise where I was interning. An American guy, David, had also just moved to Kolkota to do community development. He was staying with this host family at that same time while determining which slum to relocate to long-term. David mentioned he had a sister in Seattle, but didn’t put us in touch.

Fast forward to the following year when I began looking for a church in Seattle involved in community development. One of the churches I visited during my search was located in a gymnasium that served a Boys & Girls Club during the week. The first person I met in the hallway was a woman who asked me a typical get-to-know you question: “Where did you move to Seattle from?”


Me and Annalise after a slime run 5k

“Bangladesh” I replied.

“Oh really? My brother’s there right now. He lives in India.”

I eyed her more closely. Her smile combined with blond hair looked familiar.

“Is your brother David?”

“How did you know?”

“We lived together with a local family in Kolkota last summer.”

“I feel like I’m gonna pass out. You saw my brother last summer?”

We decided to grab coffee and get to know each other more so exchanged numbers and friended each other on Facebook.

But then we got busy with life and work and grad school and never did get coffee. In 2011, I had finished grad school and was asking God “what next?” I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me to relocate to the Rainier Valley of South Seattle, so began visiting Rainier Avenue Church. Towards the end of June, Annalise messaged me for the first time since we had met saying her lease would be up the end of July and she was looking for people to live in intentional community with her in the Rainier Valley who wanted to reach out to their neighborhood. I replied:


Annalise in our gutted kitchen after I accidentally flooded it (another story!)

Oh my word, Annalise. I have been praying about moving to the Rainier Valley and praying specifically that God would connect me with people who share a similar passion for living in community among the marginalized/Christian community development. Yes, we definitely need to meet up for coffee. I leave for San Francisco on Friday but will be back to Seattle on Tuesday night, July 5th. Would love to meet up with you soon after that.


My lease was also up August 1st, so we agreed to meet up to discuss this possibility on the Thursday after the 4th of July weekend when I would return from a trip to California. As I was about to board my plane back to Seattle, I found a voice message from Gracie, a woman I had “randomly” sat next to one of those Sundays when I’d visited Rainier Avenue Church.


David and his bride at their Seattle wedding reception in our beautiful backyard

“I don’t know if you remember me, but we had talked about you possibly moving to the Rainier Valley and looking for housemates. Well I’m moving the end of this month and wondered if you’d be interested in living together?”

I called her back as soon as I was in Seattle.

“There’s actually another woman interested in living with us,” I told her.

“Is her name Annalise?”

“How did you know?”

“My boyfriend taught a class she was in and she emailed me about looking for housemates here too.”

Gracie already had houses lined up to look at—on Thursday! So instead of meeting up to talk about possibly living together in the Rainier Valley, we literally went to look at houses. By the end of the month had found a place that met our criteria and the three of us moved into it together.

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