About Me

My name is Rachel and I’m passionate about God, community, global development and social enterprise. From 2005 to 2008 I lived on the Southeastern border of Bangladesh, a place where different cultures, languages, communities and ethnicities merge and blend, while each maintaining unique qualities all their own.

Bangladesh is a land of richness and diversity, yet it is also a place where many experience extreme poverty. I noticed while living among people there that in our efforts to help, we outsiders had often simply created greater dependency on ourselves. Developing countries are swamped with international aid programs, faith-based ministries, relief services and thousands of NGOs, yet poverty continues to plague these same places. Why? And were there ways to help without merely creating greater dependency?

A Curry of Ideas

My search lead me to complete a graduate program in International Community Development. During my studies and in the subsequent year that followed, I learned of dozens of contemporaries who are probing into the same problems with innovative approaches and finding results that are more sustainable, dignifying, empowering and long-lasting. Currently I live in south Seattle and am part of a community development team focused on one of the nation’s most diverse zip codes where I continue to learn as an active participant.

Like curry that blends a rich array of spicy, sweet, salty and savory, my dream is to fuse the ideas I gather into a hybrid model of sorts. Recently one of my closest friends predicted, “You are like a stew pot filled to the brim with delicious ingredients. Now you will begin to simmer all that goodness together into something really wonderful.” This blog is designed to be a place for that brewing to begin.

A Place for Community , A Guide for Entrepreneurs 

I created this blog to be a gathering place, of sorts, a fusion of the very best ideas in the world of social services, community development, international development and entrepreneurship. They are here as reference for myself, but they are also here for others to draw and learn from. We learn best in community, and this blog is a platform to bring us together. If you have ideas, leave a comment or email me about them. Maybe we can even do a guest blog post, vlog post or interview together.

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